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Do you know which appliances cause water damage in your home?

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

No one wants to wake up to water damage in their home. It's never a pleasant experience to see your dishwasher has flooded your kitchen, or your air conditioner has leaked. 

Sometimes, you may not even know these appliances could cause such huge water damages. Here are some more household appliances that are a water damage waiting to happen: 

  • Hot Water Heater-it's one of the top five sources and a yearly inspection by a professional can take that percentage down. 
  • Air conditioner- have a professional install a drain pipe to keep water damage at bay.
  • Washing machine- if there is a leak that is a sure sign for future damage. Replace your hose every five to help prevent this situation. 
  • Refrigerator- the defrost drain can have a leak or clog so it's best to flush the drain with hot water. 
  • Dishwasher- adding too much detergent and having a dishwasher over 9 years old can cause it too overflow. 

We hope you don't have a water damage, but if you do call SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties today. We are certified and have water restoration trained technicians who are here to help!

Fire Damage-- The Issues Facing Homes Today

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage-- The Issues Facing Homes Today This is the middle of the cleaning process after a smoke and fire damage occurred in this residential home.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)

  • In 2011-2015, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 170,200 home structure fires that involved cooking equipment per year. Almost half (47%) of reported home structure fires were caused by cooking.
  • Ranges or cooktops, with or without ovens, accounted for the majority (62%) of home cooking fire incidents and even larger shares of civilian deaths (87%).Unattended cooking was by far the leading contributing factor in these fires and fire deaths.
  • More than half (55%) of reported non-fatal home cooking fire injuries occurred when the victims tried to fight the fire themselves.

If you have questions about fire, smoke, or soot damage --call SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties at 859-623-0000.

SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard & Lincoln Counties - Professional and Fast when you Need it Most

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Your local SERVPRO's are professional and fast to provide you with your post-construction clean needs. 

We have worked on school's, hotel's and other commercial businesses. We are equipped to handle mitigation issues --and even restoration services for water, mold, and smoke damages. We offer de-humidification as a part of our post-construction cleanup. We know there could be moisture issues, and we are trained to provide those services during your time of need. 

We want your first impression of SERVPRO and our services to be the best one yet. 

We are open 24/7, 365 and we are here to help make your post-construction cleaning and other needs "Like it never even happened. Call SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties at 859-623-0000.

October is Fire Safety Month

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Are there fire hazards in your home? 

SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties: make sure your home is safe by following these tips. 

  • Check for curtains, towel racks, or even paper towels sitting too close to burners. 
  • If your microwave isn't built in, make sure it's clear of surrounding clutter and its vents aren't obstructed. 
  • If you don't already have one, buy a fire extinguisher for cooking. 
  • Remember, don't toss water on a grease fire. If a fire starts in a pan - and many do - put a lid on it to suffocate the flames. 

We hope you don't have fire damage in your home or business, but if you do call SERVPRO today. We are here to help 24/7 - 365.

Mold Removal- SERVPRO Style

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Is removing mold easy?

Mold removal can be a daunting, and quite honestly, dangerous task. It's always best to call a professional when you can to make sure it's safely removed. 

If you want the mold gone the first thing you have to do is isolate it.

Next step is to prevent mold spores from spreading to other sections of the home, SERVPRO specializes in mold removal and can do this for you. 

Lastly, you have to remember to replace porous items that may have been exposed to the mold. You should definitely call an expert (SERVPRO) if: 

  • There is mold in your HVAC system.
  • If you developed mold from contaminated water or plumbing problems.
  • You have an excessive amount of mold.
  • You have medical issues that could get worse with the introduction of mold.

SERVPRO is available 24/7-365 to handle all of your mold removal needs, give us a call today 859-623-0000.

Commercial Cleaning from SERVPRO

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is often known for it's ability to handle fire and water damages. We deal with those on an almost daily basis. 

Did you know? 

SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties also does commercial cleanings. We know that keeping a business up and running is no easy feat. You are busy dealing with the ins and outs of a business, so we want to help! Let SERVPRO take your mind off of one part of your ever growing to-do list. 

Let SERVPRO do the "yucky" stuff that no one on your staff wants to deal with. We do office cleaning, post-construction cleaning, sanitary cleanings, mold cleanings --and of course, water and fire damage cleanup. 

SERVPRO is a professional restoration company who is here to help.

Fire Prevention Month: Let's Make a Plan

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Now is the time of year when it's important to check your home for safety features to prevent fires. It's during these fall and winter seasons that everyone is inside cooking, blasting space heaters, and getting busier than ever. 

In order to get a head of the fires that could be lurking in your home, get a plan started today. 

  • Talk to your family about fires 
  • Let your family know about carbon monoxide safety 
  • Have a safety evacuation plan that is practiced regularly

If you have all of those steps, everyone will know what to do when a real emergency occurs. 

Fire damage can put a damper on any time of the year, but especially a holiday. Schedule these plans today and you will already be a few steps a head if disaster strikes your home.

SMR Highlight --Morgan: The Storm Chaser

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO across the States

We have a number of talented marketing team members in our ranks at SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties, but our Service Marketing Representative Morgan Blount goes above and beyond.

Last year, Morgan took her first leap into storm by going to Hurricane Harvey in Texas. She then traveled to Brunswick, Georgia where Harvey had made landfall as well. She spent a month away from her home all to be there to help our customers in need. There were a variety of issues her customers had to go through from this storm: flooded basements, to blown off roofs, flooded garages, and even sump pump failures. 

Our team of certified technicians traveled with her, along with our owners Mike Parsons and Tony Roberts helped with the storm travels. 

Together, this team helped many people in other communities. This year Morgan has been to Louisville and Pennsylvania to help other communities again during storm weather. 

The floods in the north caused severe damage for people who needed SERVPRO's help. 

If you have storm damage or water damage from floods or any kind of water overflow --give SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties a call at 859-623-0000,

Have a flooded basement? Here's what to do next...

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage requires a professional to make sure you steer clear of possible mold damage. SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties have Water Damage Restoration certified trained technicians to take care of your water damage. Here are some techniques you can use to make the process easier before we arrive:

  • Use wooden clothespins to hang up clothes, stuffed animals, and photographs that may have been impacted.
  • Make sure that furs and leather items dry separately and at room temperature.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture and wet carpet.
  • Remove upholstery and cushions for drying.
  • Remove any excess water by mopping or blotting until we arrive.

Residents of Richmond, Berea, Mt. Vernon, and surrounding areas SERVPRO is ready for any size disaster. If your basement floods, call us at 859-623-0000.

It's time for a Commercial Duct Cleaning for Your Business!

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Sometimes we only think of HVAC cleanings for our own home. We want to keep our family happy and healthy. So, why not extend the same services to our customers. Dirty ducts can circulate mold, odor, and other contaminants throughout the building. All businesses should have their HVAC scoped to see if it needs cleaning from a professional.

SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties is a leader in duct cleaning services! The SERVPRO difference can help with many duct problems including: reducing potential mold growth, helping restore energy efficiency, and eliminate odors. We have worked with many different factories, local businesses, and even smaller offices on their duct cleaning. 

It's your turn! If you want to make your duct cleaning needs "Like it never even happened" call SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties today 859-623-0000.