Fire Damage Photo Gallery

House Fire Clean-Up

This photo was taken after a house-fire that resulted in a lot of damage to the interior of the home. As seen in the photo, the bathtub is covered in soot and smoke damage. 

Fire Damage in Church

In this photo, you can see on the wall where we cleaned half way up the wall to show the severity of the fire. You can see how bad the smoke and soot damage that occurred was to these church walls before we started cleaning. 

Damaged Hat from Fire Damage

This baseball cap was damaged in a home fire with heavy amount of soot and smoke. The shaping of the hat was completely dismounted and needed restoration from our SERVPRO team of hero techs. We put this hat in the Esporta machine and made it "Like it never even happened." 

Teddy Bear Blues--Smoke & Soot Damage

This teddy bear had smoke and soot damage after a kitchen fire left these homeowners with their beloved items needing restoration. These items were put in our Esporta machine (see video to know exactly how our Esporta works). Our team of heroes takes your smoke and soot damaged precious items and gets them back to prime condition. 


Fire damage doesn't have to just be severe and non-repairable. This home had fire damage, but SERVPRO was #HeretoHelp get the soot off the walls immediately. Our crew is filled with top-notch fire cleaning experts. 


This side table had been damaged by a fire. This piece of furniture was covered from top to bottom with soot and smoke damage. But, this after photo proves the great work of SERVPRO after a fire clean-up! 


A bookshelf that had fire damage including soot that needed restoring. Our team of fire cleaning experts are ready to make your favorite furniture that's been damaged look "Like it never even happened."


You can truly see the damage a fire can do to your furniture in this before photo. This fire damage needed some extreme SERVPRO help! These owners knew to call SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties, because they knew we would be there to help!